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Posted by Utkarsh on 13th June, 2012

Carnations, pinks and sweet williams are all of one genus. All have the delicious clove scent. Carnation loves the sun and must have good drainage. It is planted in September from seed or rooted cuttings. It stands about 21/2 feet in height and needs staking. The narrow grey-green leaves are curved at the tips; the flowers are red, pink, scarlet, rose, cream, yellow, white, maroon and even a pale green. It can have a pattern of stripes, flakes or narrow eqgings to the petals in different colours. Carnations flower right up to May. Potted ones can be cut back and then kept in the semi-shade where they flower now and then throughout the summer, at the end of which they can be trimmed back, manured and allowed to grow again. Space at 12 inches in a loamy soil. You can order carnation flowers online