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Valentine’s Day – A festival of love and gifts.

Valentine Gifts - Valentine's Day is a day of love. To make it more wonderful, send valentine gifts to your boyfriend, girlfriend or even spouse in India with romantic messages to express your feelings. Red roses, chocolates, heart shape cake, soft toys and valentine cards are some of the popular valentine gift items that rule the day. At Rajdhani, you can order Valentine gift and we shall deliver the same at the desired address.

Valentine Flowers (Red Roses) - Valentine Flowers mostly comprise of red roses. In fact, red roses are the perfect way to say 'I Love You.' They depict romance in a rather unique way. There is nothing in this world that can express love in a beautiful manner than red roses. The velvety petals and green leaves say it all. In fact, red roses leave a dramatic and long lasting impact on the eyes of the recipient. They are a profound expression of love. A bouquet or basket of red roses can let you express how much someone means to you. You can order Valentine red roses and we shall deliver in India within stipulated time.

Valentine's Day Gifts 2020 - Valentine's Day is on 14 February 2020 (Friday). We have added some new gifts for Valentine's Day. In this section, all gifts will be delivered via express courier service. This gift section is also pocket friendly. Write the recipient details, message and order online, your order will be delivered in 1-3 days.

Cakes for Valentine's Day - Love is a feeling that brings two people and their hearts closer to each other. If you are madly in love with someone, you can say it by gifting her a heart shape cake. The original, delicious and tasty cakes available at Rajdhani Florist shall let you express your deepest feelings and desires of your heart for her. Since she holds an important place in your life, you must gift her something unique and receiving a favorite cake from you can lighten her up with joy. Order valentine cake today and we shall deliver the same to your beloved.

Chocolates for Valentine's Day - Coming over to Valentine Chocolates, we can say that they are loved by all. The exotic and yummy chocolates made with fresh quality cocoa can win the hearts of many and make them long for more. Women, especially, are die-hard fans of chocolates and they love munching on this delightful gift presented to them. With chocolates, you can express your forever love for her and let her know that your heart belongs to her. Order valentine chocolates today.

Valentine Greeting Card and Teddies - Valentine Teddy bears and Valentine Cards also hold a major place when it comes to presenting Valentine gifts to your boyfriend, girlfriend or even spouse. Girls just love giving tight hugs to their teddy bears and therefore they make an ideal gift. If you cannot express your love through spoken words, then get them in writing. Both boys and girls can narrate their heart's desires through writing messages in the cards and gifting them to each other. At Rajdhani, you can order teddy bears and cards and we shall send the same at the desired address.

Valentine’s Day Gift for men (boy friend or husband) - Mostly Indian men give presents and big surprises to their woman but they also deserve some love and attention. As everyone else likes to have gifts, men also like having gifts, so your man also deserves a nice gift on Valentine’s Day. Don’t just wait to have a gift you’re your husband or boy friend but plan a great surprise for him too even if you are away from your him and not meeting this valentine’s day. Men usually do not shop much for themselves so a nice gift for something, which they need can a good idea, but any such gift, cannot be complete without a bunch of flowers and cake. You can choose from our wide range of gifts, which can make your man fall in love with you again.

Valentine Gifts for females (wife or girl friend) - You choose from heart shaped cushions, cute teddy bears, cuddly cushions, amazing soft toys, beautiful handbags, flowers and cakes that can amaze your wife of girl friend. We have a separate section of valentine gifts for females and we keep on updating that section every year with brand new collections and ideas so that you can surprise your wife or girl friend with amazing and unique valentine gifts. You can also browse our collection, order-amazing gift hampers, and collections we have that can be delivered online on the very same Valentine’s Day.

Story behind Celebrating Valentine’s Day as festival of love

Valentine’s Day is a cultural celebration of love in many regions around the world. It is celebrated in the name of Western Christian Saint Valentine to honour early saints. This day is also referred to as Feast of Valentine or Saint Valentine’s Day. February 14 is the day of celebration. Though it is considered as an Annual Holiday but no country witnesses this day as a Public Holiday. There are many Christian Martyrs with the name of Valentine and having a connection with February 14. According to one of the popular martyrdom story, which is about Saint Valentine of Rome; he was found guilty of performing weddings for Roman Soldiers who were forbidden to marry a woman. He also ministered to Christians who were persecuted under the reign of Roman Empire. A legend says that during the time of his imprisonment, Saint Valentine healed the daughter of his jailer, Aestrius completely. He wrote a letter to her before his execution and signed it “Your Valentine” as Farewell. In the Lutheran Church and Anglican Communion, which is the third, largest Christian Community and, Saint Valentine’s Day is an official feast day. Numerous parts of Eastern Orthodox Church also celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day, Although on July 6 and July 30. The celebration on 6 July is done in honour ofRoman presbyter Saint Valentine while July 30 in honour ofthe Bishop of Interamna (modern Terni) - Hieromartyr Valentine.

Folk Traditions of Valentine’s Day Celebrations and Gifting

While the Modern Anglo-American customs have marginalized the European Folk traditions of connecting the Valentine’s Day with love, there are still some associations of asaint with the advent of spring. The custom of sending flowers, chocolates, and cards has been originated in theUSA and other parts of Globe; but Valentine’s Day in England is still connected with numerous regional Customs. In Norfolk (County of England), a character called ‘Jack’Valentine goes to the rear side of houses, knocks the door leaving presents and sweets for the children. Although this character had good intentions, many children were quite scared of this mystery man. In Slovenia, Saint Valentine popularly known as Zdravko was one of the saints of the springs, i.e. saint of good health patron of pilgrims and beekeepers. A proverb says "Saint Valentine brings the keys of roots". According to this proverb, plants and flowers start to grow on this day.

Valentine’s Day Celebration in Modern Times

In Modern Days, Valentine’s Day is celebrated as an occasion when two lovers express their deepest feelings to each other. They shower love and affection on each other with valentine day gifts, cards, flowers, along with other items are exchanged. Many people donate to the charity and offer candies to the children on this day. Flowers become the most expensive and most popular this day especially red roses. Couples exchange love notes and valentines on the day. In previous times, Handwritten love Notes were very popular comprising of love poems. However, after the starting of mass-scale production of Greeting Cards from the19th century, these practices got limited to some extent. Thus, commercialization of Valentine’s Day also commenced. It was Esther Howland, a Mt. Holyoke graduate and budding entrepreneur, who was the first one to grab the idea to mass-produce the Greeting Cards. He ordered papers and lace from Jolly Old England; the place where handwritten notes were very much popular before 1847. Thirty-five hundred miles away from England, more than 190 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged each year. In case you consider the number of cards schoolchildren give to each other, the number will increase exponentially to reach 1 Billion. According to a survey, each year US citizens spend approximately 13.1 Billion dollars on cards each year. Hence, it’s plausible to state that this love-themed holiday may be a way better factor for the economy. With advancement in the Technology in modern times, people have become more equipped with the options such Digital Videos, Online flower deliveries, cakes delivered to lover’s doorstep etc.
Nowadays, Couple will not limit themselves for Valentine’s Day instead they have a whole Valentine’s week to enjoy. The week starts with Rose Day on February 7, followed by Propose day on February 8, Followed by Chocolate Day on February 9, followed by Teddy Day on February 10, followed by Promise Day on February 11, followed by Hug Day on February 12, followed by Kiss Day on February 13 and the week gets wrapped by Valentine’s Day on February 14. These weeks prove to be a real deal for the new couples as they get to know each other’s better and find out whether they are good for each other or not, While old couples use this week to revive their relationshipsif it’s been going through ugly stages. Teenagers are quite excited about it as they are introduced to a great part element of life, i.e., Love.

Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts – An Expression of Your Love and Devotion

Romance in the air starts to exceed when Valentine’s Day approaches. Lovers try to determine each other’s Love and Devotion by the Romantic Quotient of the gift that they give to each other. What makes up a great Romantic Gift? Well, that depends on person to person but let us first understand what Romance is and why it is related to Valentine’s Day? Romance is willful attempt to express love with great deeds or beautiful words. It is a descriptive expression of one’s deep emotional desires to connect with another person. Therefore, the entire idea behind giving Valentine’s Day gift is to express the level of bond and love that one share for his / her lover. Every relationship is comprised of a special element that is unique from the other relationships. Hence, The Valentine’s day Romantic Gift must denote that special thing so that other person could understand to what extent one loves their partner.

Types of Valentine’s Gift

There could be numerous types of Gifts that lovers give to each other. These might fall in below-mentioned categories.
Personalized Valentine’s Gift – It can come in many shapes and sizes. No matter in what form it comes; it must reflect your love for the recipient person. It could be chocolate, flowers (some like roses while some love lilies), branded apparels or a complete Valentine’s Basket which is full of all your lover’s lovely items. It might be something which is not considered romantic by many people,but your lover will give you full marks if you give it to them.
Unique Valentine’s Gifts– The gifts does not have to be in physical form. A romantic gift for your lover might be you taking some break from your busy schedule and spending the whole Day with him/her. You might go for a romantic stroll through the park as it Valentine’s Day is all about expression of love and the bond two people in love or relationship share. A Romantic stroll or getting up quite early in the morning and prepare your love’s favourite meal would have adeeper meaning than buying expensive food from the hotel.
Homemade Valentine’s Gift– These gifts might prove to be the best romantic gifts as these would reflect the efforts that you have put in creating the gift, which in turn will convert into the level of sacrifice you can do with your lover. The gifts do not need to be tacky quickly thrown together instead, they must be well-thought and well-created. In these modern times, it has become easy to be a little creative even to a not so artistic person. You can setup a website comprised of pictures and videos showing the quality time that you people have spent together. There are many online cards software, which can help you in designing beautiful cards according to the taste and desires of the couples. Thus, many resources today can help in creating great valentine’s gift with ahomemade touch.

Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
Valentine Gifts of Memories

  • Gather some photos (scan them if they are not in Digital Format) and take help from online service to create a great Photo memory. Each Photo is having a description of the great time you had when these photos were taken.
  • Book a table of the restaurant where you hadthe first meal with your spouse or lover.
  • Get his/her favourite flowers and tie little messages each denoting the reason why you are lucky to have him/her in your life.

Valentine Gifts of Experiences

  • Go to a place where you both wanted to visit for a long time, but because of financial reasons or maybe time issue, you have not visited it yet
  • Turn your home into a restaurant. Cook all the meals by yourself and watch the favourite romantic movie that you both like.
  • Pick an Activity such as Skiing, ballroom dance, etc. according to the taste and desires of your partner that you guys are planning to do for a long time.

Valentine Gift of Service

  • Create 2-3 cards for your partner, which they can cash-in for any favours that they want from you.
  • Serve your partner breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day.

Order Valentine Cakes, flowers and gifts online in India

We are one of the leading flower portals, which is offering home delivery of Valentine’s Day gift on the same day, so if you are planning a great surprise for your beloved with a surprising valentine day gift, please contact us immediately to boo your order, hurry up now.


Valentine Gifts Suggestions
In which cities of India does Rajdhani Florist deliver the Valentine gift? We deliver gifts in around two hundred cities. Delivery cities list
At what time will be delivered on 14th? Any time between 7:00 AM to 11:59 PM
Which gift is best for Valentine's Day? Red Roses
Which is the cheapest Valentine gift?. Cheapest Valentine Gift
Is Valentine's Card Free? The card is free with many products.
Can be booked on the phone? Yes, Whatsapp recipient's name, address, phone no, message and product id to +91-11-42486091

Valentine's Week Gifts for Delivery in India

Valentine's Day comes after following a series of days as a part of Valentine's Week and these days are dedicated to love and romance. To make the environment loving and joyous there are these days before the final Valentine's Day on 14th of February every year. Each day of this amazing season of love has its own meaning. Romantic week starts with -

  • Rose Day (7th Feb)

What can be a better way to express the emotions and feelings of love by a bunch of fresh rose? Roses are best considered as symbol of love and any one can be pleased with a fresh rose bouquet. Order a nice rose bouquet online for your lover on this wonderful occasion of Rose Day.    

  • Propose Day (8th Feb)  

Propose day is the second day of the amazing valentine week and by this time, people already start buying amazing valentine gifts for him / her. You can also order gifts online and get that delivered on your beloved’s doorstep using our portal. What can be a better way to propose someone if you are not able to meet the person? Order your gift online right now !

  • Chocolate Day (9th Feb)

In continuation, comes the third day which is meant to add sweetness in the air while the fever of valentine week is already on. Chocolate Day is a nice occasion to send some sumptuous chocolates to your beloved and add some more sugar in your relationships. Order chocolates online from our portal and make this day special for you.   

  • Teddy Day (10th Feb)

Fourth day is Teddy Day. Teddy and soft toys has always been attraction for females as they are cute and soft and they see their lover in these teddies. You can order gifts online as we are the leading valentine gift delivery provider in India region. Even girls can also send teddy to their lover, which will remind them of their girl or woman whenever they see it.  

  • Promise Day (11th Feb)

On the fifth day of this valentine day comes the day when couples make promises of love, care and togetherness for all life and give their commitment to each other until the last breath. On this day you can order gifts for online delivery in India along with your promise letter attached to it.   

  • KissDay (12th Feb)

Kiss day is one of the most awaited days before the final day of Valentine. Kiss is the purest form to express love and compassion, and here we talk about kiss between the lovers. When you are not with your lover, you may also present kiss day gifts in form of flowers, chocolates, cakes, etc. Order your gift online from our portal and get that delivered at your lover’s doorstep.

  • Hug Day (13th Feb)

Hug a very great feeling the humans change their emotions and feelings. Hug is way to dilute your feelings of sorrow, pain or even love to the other person. On this 5th day of the week, couples embrace their love with each with warm hugs and let their memory live forever.  You can add some spice in your relationship with a perfect hug day gift.


Valentine Week Gifts

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