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What is the importance of flowers gifted by lovers to each other on Valentine's Day?

The things gifted by lovers to each other on Valentine's day comprises of red or pink roses, chocolates and cards and teddy bears as well. Even fine jewelry and candies are also gifted to the person you love the most. However, flowers overpower every other gift item as they come with a special message of love to be presented to your Valentine. Gifting flowers draws its roots from 17thcentury when Charles II of Sweden introduced the Persian custom of the language of flowers in entire Europe. Right from that time, roses became the traditional Valentine day flowers. Red roses, especially have been known for passion and love and thatís why they are hot favorite among the lovers. Also, red roses are known to be favorite flower of Venus who was also known as the Goddess of love.

What role does the color red play on this day?

Red color is meant for passion, love and energy. Thatís why red color is synonymous with Valentine day celebrations. On this day, the lovers gift red roses or gifts wrapped in red papers to each other. Since Valentine's day is a day of giving and loving, therefore red color best expresses the emotions of the lovers on this day. The color is reserved for intimate and romantic relationship. In fact, roses, especially the red ones have always been favorite gift items among lovers right from Victorian times. Thatís how these colored roses gained popularity and mass appeal among the people who love celebrating Valentine's day.

Valentine day is an excellent occasion to remember your loved ones. If you are one of those who feel unnoticed and alone on this day, then consider reaching out to those who are feeling the same like you by sending across the red roses to him/her.

Valentine's Day Message

Today is just the perfect time to celebrate the closeness we share and the wonderful sweet heart that you are... Wishing you a great Valentine's Day..

As I celebrate, I realize how great a role you've played in my life. You've always been there for me as someone who protects and cares for me. Happy Valentine's Day to my love whom I'll always love and adore..

Warm wishes and love are sent your way... May the gifts of happiness, friendship, peace and joy fill your life.

May this Valentine bring you everything you desire and everything you dream of. May success accompany you in every step that you take. Have A Blessed Valentine's Day..

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