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Why is Valentine Day condemned by Islamic countries?

In several Islamic countries, Valentine day is condemned by religious groups operating in these countries as this day is considered as Christian holiday and an anti-social day which the religion of Islam prohibits from being celebrated.

Iran: The celebration of Valentine day is condemned by many Islamic teachers in Iran. They oppose celebrating this day as it is against their culture. In fact, in year 2011, the Iranian printing works owners’ union banned the printing and distribution of goods that were used to promote the day. Cards, flowers and teddy bears were all banned from the market. The heart shaped boxes and cards as well as other activities that promote this day were all banned and those who did not follow the norms were legally punished.

Pakistan: Although the concept of Valentine day was introduced in Pakistan during late 1990’s through means of radio and television, but the Jaamat-e-Islami political party called off the day calling it anti-social and banning the Valentine day celebrations all over the country. But despite the strict regulations, Valentine day celebrations became popular among urban youth and florists used to sell a great amount of flowers especially red roses as well as greeting cards. However, the day is still condemned by religious groups and there is mass appeal to residents to not to celebrate this day as it is against the Islam religion.

Saudi Arabia: The religious police of Saudi Arabia banned celebrating Valentine day and all the gifts used to promote the day. The police told shop workers to remove all red items from the gift shops as Valentine day is considered as a Christian holiday. The ban became synonymous with the name of black market for roses and wrapping paper. In Saudi Arabia, muslims are not allowed to celebrate the day and non-muslims can celebrate only behind closed doors.

Valentine's Day Message

Today is just the perfect time to celebrate the closeness we share and the wonderful sweet heart that you are... Wishing you a great Valentine's Day..

As I celebrate, I realize how great a role you've played in my life. You've always been there for me as someone who protects and cares for me. Happy Valentine's Day to my love whom I'll always love and adore..

Warm wishes and love are sent your way... May the gifts of happiness, friendship, peace and joy fill your life.

May this Valentine bring you everything you desire and everything you dream of. May success accompany you in every step that you take. Have A Blessed Valentine's Day..

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